Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Program in Tanzania - Same District

Local people in Same, Northern Tanzania can't wait to start

Our purpose is to empower youth to be the change and create their own future in their country. In November 2017 we visited Same town in Northern Tanzania to investigate whether there was a felt need for the Yepafrica program. And we found out that they can't wait until we start: unemployment among youth is a very big problem. All NGO's want to cooperate, the local government wants to invest in loans for starting entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs are willing to offer internships and coaching for starters. We have a partnership with the local organization, YEP Tanzania, who have built up experience in training youths in Tanzania . Together we developed a combination of both programs: empowerment and entrepreneurship. If you want to read the whole project plan.

What do we need to get started?

We are almost there but we still need 5000 euro to get started. Wilde Ganzen has approved our project in Tanzania. This means that they support us in the project planning and financing by adding € 0,50 euro to every euro donated by individuals and organizations. So every euro that is given by sponsors is worth € 1,50!

Do you want to support young people in Tanzania to become successful business men and women?

- Make a donation of €10,- € 25,- € 50,- €100.
- Become a member of our 100 club with an annual donation of €100 euro.
- Join one of our empowerment workshops to Tanzania and share your expertise with the Yep youth in Tanzania.

For more information sent an email to or Maria Jongsma, coordinator Tanzania


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