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Paul Engelsman


+31 6 12993822

I founded Yepafrica in 2007 because I belief in youth empowerment as a tool for young unemployed people to create their future in their own country. Too many young Africans choose the route of illegal migration. We need to stop that by the source, in the communities where they live. I am proud to be the founder and chairman of this special organisation and to inspire and get inspired by the people with whom we are connected.

Maria Jongsma

General board member

+31 6 51173336

When my neighbor and I both had a baby girl I realized how different their perspectives were. Since then I work with a lot of enthusiasm in education and child care to improve chances for kids to explore their talents. I looked for opportunities to use my experience to start empowerment projects in Tanzania. And when I saw how much impact Yepafrica has for the Yeppers I met, I cannot wait to start Yepafrica in Tanzania. My Tanzanian counterparts are very happy that we will come and help them tot start Yepafrica in Tanzania. So I joined the Yepafrica board to work together to realize this..

Jan Willem Weehuizen


+31 6 51112220

I joined Yepafrica in 2008, so I consider myself a Yepper almost from the beginning. On my first trip I became impressed of the power of the Yep programme and the Gambian youth following it. Since then many developments have lead to a strong organisation in The Gambia, with its own learning centre in Brikama. They influenced the lives of many, many people in a positive way. Today I am really proud to be part of Yepafrica in my capacity as coach and boardmember responsable for finance (of 'Stichting Yep').

Douce van Beukering

Financial operations

+31 6 14385481

In April 2016 I get involved by Yepafrica. I was really impressed by the young people telling how the empowerment and other trainings of Yepafrica has changed their lives. They now believe in themselves and know they, the young people, are the future of their country and can develop a better life for themselves and their families. It is great to see the Yep Learning Centre is developed in a strong organisation, lead by three beautiful, very inspired young Gambian people to help all the other young people in Gambia. Everytime it is a pleasure to meet them again. I’m thankful I can contribute to the organisation of Yepafrica

Marian van Es

Public Relations

+31 6 30735784

The first time I met the Yeppers in the Gambia I was really touched by their power! It was directly clear to me what Empowerment means. I was impressed by their stories about how the yep training has changed their lives. When young people find their own strenght and know how to use their potential they can create their own future. And this is not only important for themselves, it is also essential for their family, their community and their country! In this way youth is the change. I’m proud to be part of an organisation that focuses on the youth because they own the future!

Board in The Gambia

Left to right:
Lamin F. Ceesay, Program manager and trainer/coach
Momodou S.Bah, Financial manager and trainer/coach
Serreh Darboe, Operational Manager and trainer/coah

“The members of the Board of the Yep foundation do not receive any financial compensation related to the activities they carry out; in The Gambia the team in the learning centre in its capacity of operational board and trainers receives from the foundation a monthly salary and a compensation for the cost of the learning centre, like rent, internet, electricity etc. This situation will last as long as the earning capacity of the learning centre is not enough to compensate for all the cost. One has to keep in mind that we are there for the poorest people!”

Fabakary Kalleh

Ambassador for Africa Yepafrica Foundation

My name is Fabakary Kalleh a 42 years old Gambian. I obtain a BSc in Management from the University of the Gambia in 2009 and National Diploma in Law. I worked for the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority as the Airport Manager of the Banjul International Airport. I am professional with 17 years’ work experience, 15years in Airport and 2 years as an Immigration Officer.

I am professional and have a good knowledge in developing and monitoring policies and procedures. I have twenty years’ experience working with youths and community organizations. I initiate and lead Peace Ambassadors from 2001 to 2015. I attend professional trainings and practice Peace education and conflict resolution; Programs & Project Coordination, organizing & planning; Monitoring & establishing procedures, Teambuilding & teamwork; Teaching; Public speaking; coaching, facilitation and counseling; Resource development and youth leadership; Effective communication; Computer applications; First Aid training, application & instruction.


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